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Marjo (Energyfixer)
“What I enjoy most is seeing how happy people are with the help and energy-saving measures. That also makes me happy and gives me energy. I think it is just as important that you can give people insight into how they can save money on their energy bill with small changes in behavior, such as closing doors where you use the heater, lowering the thermostat, freeing up space for heating, taking shorter showers, etc. For me it is a challenge to get them on board and it gives a kick when I succeed.”
  • Do you want to gain experience in implementing energy-saving measures in rental homes and inform residents about what they can do themselves to reduce their energy bills?
  • Do you want to do this with a fun and diverse group of volunteers from the Leiden region?
  • Do you have the time and desire to work on our project for one or more Saturdays?
  • Do you want to practice and learn Dutch in a work environment?

Practical information
For the upcoming project, we will be working in Leiden ZuidWest on six Saturdays in February and March. A team of 2 volunteers (an experienced Energy coach and a coach in training) visit two houses per day; one in the morning and one after lunch. We hope to help 100 homes in total to save energy. A visit takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. Are you not always available? No problem! You can also come and help for 1 day or even half a day!

What do offer?
  • A good place to gain experience as an energy coach
  • Guidance and instruction by an experienced team of Energy coaches
  • A great opportunity to get to know new people in Leiden and to work in an inspiring and inquisitive group of people from all over the world
  • A great place to learn and practice Dutch in a work environment surrounded by people from different backgrounds
  • A volunteer allowance depending on the number of hours you participate in the project (€5.00 per hour up to 6 hours a day)
  • Free training to become a recognized 'Energy coach for tenants' by HOOM worth €299.

Please contact the Energiefixers071 project team. Email or call 06-40228067.

Would you like to hear and see what we did in job rounds 1 and 2? Go to


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Dienst Informeren, adviseren en coachen
Met wie Volwassenen
Regio Geheel Leiden
Organisatie Energiefixers071
Locatie Leiden
Periode Van 01-02-2024 tot 31-03-2024
Frequentie Wekelijks
Code V001.120


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Ervaring gewenst Nee
Onkostenvergoeding Ja
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